SWEET CIDERS (Non-Alcoholic)

Fresh Pressed Sweet Apple Cider – Winner of 2011 & 2017 Ontario Sweet Cider Competition
Our cider is made with only tree-picked apples and contains no dropped apples (apples that have fallen on the ground). The cider is treated with our Cidersure UV Processor prior to being bottled. This is an FDA approved process that is an equally safe alternative to heat pasteurization. UV treatment is a non-thermal process that meets FDA guidelines to obtain a 5-log reduction in pertinent pathogens. This is equivalent to being 99.999% safe. By not heating the cider, we can preserve all of the flavour, nutrients and quality of the cider while still creating a safe to drink product. We offer our traditional blended cider along with several single varietal ciders such as Crabapple and Gala in season.

Sparkling Apple Cider
Pressed on-site from a custom blend of tree-ripened 100% Ontario cider apple varieties. This delightfully refreshing non-alcoholic cider awakens your senses to experience the taste of a freshly picked apple. Available in a 750 ml bottle and 341 ml bottle.

Sparkling Pear Cider
Pressed on-site from a custom blend of 100% Ontario tree-ripened pear varieties, this is an elegant addition to any occasion. Available in a 750 ml bottle.

Sparkling Apple Cranberry Cider ** Currently Unavailable **
Made from tree-ripened apples and marsh grown cranberries. The light carbonation of this colourful non-alcoholic cider is a festive addition to any occasion. Available in a 750 ml bottle.


Spirit Tree Estate Reserve Cider, 8% abv
A medium roast French oak takes our Estate Reserve to a rich gold colour. The nose is boldly apple with a hint of spice and oak, while the taste is smooth, distinctly apple with white wine characteristics. It is medium bodied with a subtle oakiness.

Spirit Tree Draught Cider, 6% abv
The Draught Cider is a traditional medium dry cider produced from a unique blend of Cortland, Gala, Golden Delicious, Northern Spy, Golden Russet and Chisel Jersey apples. It has a nose of green apple, spice and hay. The taste is bold and tart with a long finish hinting of cinnamon and nutmeg. Enjoy Spirit Tree Draught Cider on its own or with pub fare.

Spirit Tree Dry Hopped Cider, 6.9% abv
We have dry hopped our draught cider with a mixture of Ontario grown full cone dried Cascade and Chinook hops. The hops elevate the ciders fruit notes and add a grassiness to the aroma.
The cider finishes with a balanced bitter astringency that appeals to cider & beer drinkers alike.

Spirit Tree Pear Cider, 5.5% abv 
Our Somerset-style Perry is lightly effervescent and hazy straw in colour. Semi-sweet with a floral citrus nose, it has canned pear flavours and a sharp finish. Try it with a cream sauce or soft ripened cheeses.

Spirit Tree Applelager, 3.5% abv 
Lightly fermented and unfiltered, the Applelager has a creamy, yeasty lager aroma. It is sweet with strong fresh apple characteristics and hints of caramel and orange.

Winter Bliss Cider, 6.5% abv ** Currently Unavailable **
The dark gold colour, caramel-orage flavour, and big alcohol of this heritage cider will warm your soul on a cold winter's day. Winter Bliss is our interpretation of the classic New England style ciders.

Spirit Tree Ice Cider, 12.5% abv
This dark gold cider is rich and full bodied. It has a distinctly sweet, dessert apple aroma with toffee undertones. Sweet and harmoniously balanced, the ice cider has a bold baked apple taste with hints of caramel. Compliments strong cheeses, apple based desserts or great as an aperitif.

Seasonal Ciders *available for a limited time only*

Spirit Tree Pear Lavender Cider 5.5% abv 
This unique cider takes our pear cider to the next level. A floral nose of lavender welcomes you to a smooth pear cider with a beautiful lavender finish.

Spirit Tree Voyageur Scrumpy Cider 6.9% abv
Our cider makers crafted this unique cider to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. It is a blend of our unfiltered Draught and Crabapple ciders, infused with a hint of maple syrup and sumac. This traditional rough and wild cider celebrates the brave men and women who helped explore our great nation at its birth.

Dog Days of Cider 6.5% abv
A light rose cider made from crab apples and Ida Red apples macerated on their skins before primary fermentation. Surprisingly smooth cider with sharp finish. Hints of cherry and red currants. This off dry cider has a nice acid / tannin balance that is very refreshing when served cold on a hot summers day.