Wood Fired Oven Artisinal Breads

We bake in the old European style, using natural starters and slow fermentation. All of our breads are hand crafted and hearth baked daily in our wood-fired oven. The result is a flavourful, artisan loaf. No artificial preservatives are ever used.

The fire is started directly in the oven the night before we bake and allowed to burn for 10-12 hours. The ash is swept out and the floor of the oven mopped. The loaves are baked directly on the hearth creating a superior crust and exceptional flavour. The heat retained in the thick masonry of the oven allows us to bake continuously throughout the day.

Normandy Apple
A sourdough bread made with organic whole-wheat flour, sea salt, pure well water, Spirit Tree Cider, chopped apples and a touch of honey. This bread is great on its own or with cheese.
Caledon Sourdough
A traditional sourdough loaf. This is one of our best sellers.
Country French
A blend of white and whole wheat flours for a rustic round loaf.
Tartine Batard
A simple country loaf made with a sourdough starter and a creamy texture. A versatile loaf great for sandwiches or on its own - A Spirit Tree favourite!
Rustic White
A delicious every day french bread.
Caledon Multigrain
A delicious blend of seeds and grains. Great toasted or as the base for a sandwich.
Whole Wheat
Normandy Rye
A dark rye loaf - excellent with hearty soups.
White, Country French, Whole Wheat & Multigrain
Corn Bread
*Gluten Free
English Muffins
Kaiser Rolls
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