When is Pick Your Own open?
Apple picking is now closed for the season. 

It will reopen in September 2019.

Is there an admission fee to Spirit Tree Orchard?
No, there are no fees for admission or to park your car.

Are the pick-your-own apples weighed and charged by the pound?
We will be happy to provide you with complimentary heavy-duty recyclable
plastic bag or cloth bag.  Both bag types hold approximately 8 kilograms
(20 pounds) of your choice of apples. The pick your own fee is $30/bag (tax free). 
If you do not fill the bag completely then we charge $1.50 per pound.  Spirit Tree does have a $8.50 per person minimum pick fee.

Are there washrooms on site?
Yes. We have portable washrooms in the orchard, as well as in the Farm Shop

Can I bring my dog to spend the day with my family on the farm?
Pets are not allowed in the orchard, but you are welcome to walk them

leashed in our picnic area.

Do you accept credit cards or debit?
We can only accept cash for Pick Your Own at this time.
Credit and debit cards are accepted in the Store and Restaurant.
ATM on site.

Do you offer school tours?
Not at this time.

Do apples bruise easily?
Yes apples bruise very easily so we encourage you to treat them with lots of loving care, believe it or not apples are more delicate than eggs!

How long is the tractor wagon ride?
It takes approximately 10 minutes to travel round trip to the orchard and back.




What apples are best to cook with?
All apples except Red Delicious are good for cooking.
Cortlands are good for apple sauce and do not turn brown when crushed.
Our baker recommends Northern Spy for apple pies.

Where should I store apples when I get home?
Chill your apples as soon as possible after picking.
Keeping apples cold will benefit apples in terms of flavor retention and quality. Storing them in a refrigerator or cold storage room is best and they will stay nice and crisp for 6 to 8 weeks. At warmer temperatures they mature more rapidly.



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