These rules and guidelines are intended to keep you and others safe. We have orchard staff throughout the farm. If you have any questions, just ask!

Please enjoy yourself at Spirit Tree, but help us out by being safe and respecting the trees, our staff, and other visitors.

  1. Pre purchased bags are required before entering orchard, and backpacks and other carriers are not allowed for fruit picking.

  2. Our Fruit is not free, one apple per person is allowed with admission. Please Pay, Pick and then Enjoy!

For parents: it’s important to explain our policy to your kids.  If everyone of our customers ate an apple while in the orchard, we would have no orchard. To make sure this is a fun and educational experience for all, we ask that you please watch and maintain your children.

    3. You may walk to the PYO orchard or use the hay wagon shuttle. No unauthorized vehicles are permitted in the orchard.     
         Please do not stand while wagon is moving.

    4. No coolers, picnic baskets or outside food is permitted in the orchard or picnic area

    5. Do not climb or shake the trees. Limbs break easily, and the fruit will fall and bruise.

    6. DO NOT throw apples on the ground just because they don’t look perfect.
         We work hard to grow our apples; please pay for what you pick.

    7. Fruit varieties mature at different times. Pick only in designated areas or where there is a guide or posted signs

    8. DO NOT throw apples at anyone or anything for any reason! You will be asked to pay for the damaged fruit and asked to leave.

    9. Please be aware and keep well away from tractors and farm machinery while in use. We are a working farm and our machines
        are active continuously throughout the day.

    10. Spirit Tree reserves the right to remove guests from our orchard at any time.

    11. There are receptacles for garbage and recyclables— please use them!

    12. Our Farm is SMOKE free (including the parking lot)

    13. No dogs or pets are permitted in the orchard

    14. Ladders are available in limited quantity, please wait your turn.

    15. Staff will monitor the orchard to assist visitors, ensure a safe environment, and enforce rules as needed.

The most important rule of all on the farm: HAVE FUN!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Picking Tips:

  1. Please be caring with our trees and our environment.

  2. Using one hand to hold the branch, use your forefinger and thumb to gently turn fruit upward till it releases. (Pulling will cause other fruit to fall and destroy flower buds for next year's crop)

  3. Do not squeeze or drop the fruit as apples may bruise and bruised fruit doesn’t keep as well.

  4. If two or three fruits are clustered together, use two hands and gently pick all the fruit in the cluster.

  5. Gently place the apple in your bag, and repeat!

From mid-September until about mid-October, we allow our customers the experience of picking apples in the orchard. Picking your own apples is a privilege. We trust that our customers will have respect towards our orchard as they would their own possessions so we are able to continue to offer you this experience for years to come.



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